Jemima, Ben and Holly in Phuket

In September I went to Phuket, Thailand to photograph Jemima and Ben's elopement. I'm so happy to have met them and their lovely daughter Holly, such a super lovely family.

The elopement ceremony was held at the Indigo Pearl Resort, which is a maze of interesting tropical walkways and beautiful rooms. We walked around the resort afterwards for photos and then into a motorbike tuk tuk to head to the beach. 

Once at the beach, Jemima, Ben and Holly jumped into the sea and into a boat while I photographed from the side. This was all perfect till a sneaky jellyfish decided to sting me! Feeling pretty awkward I walked back to Indigo Pearl for a nurse to treat me. Thank you guys for being so nice and patient!! Luckily when all was well again we went back out there and the light was amazing and glowing so we hung out at the beach for a while before heading to an amazing restaurant only accessed by raft!

Congratulations Jemima and Ben, so glad I met you both and Holly! x