I’m so grateful to be able to meet such lovely people in my job! Here are some very kind reviews I have received.

Jess Drew Urlichs - 

She was an absolute dream and adorable! She helped make our day so much fun. Her whimsical artistic nature makes for many amazing in the moment shots and creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Heather and Robert Chamberlain -

Jo, Robbie and I cannot thank you enough for being there to capture our day. 
From the moment you arrived you gelled perfectly into the day, relaxing us and being absolutely awesome, all whilst quietly capturing the most special moments - the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen! Thank you for bush walking, bug collecting, and being so wonderful. I am so sad our day is over, yet so happy to stare at these beautiful memories you have given us.
H & R xx

Emma and Liz Eden

Jo - these photos are amazing. Thank you so, so much. I can even tell how brilliant they are on my tiny phone screen! You're the best!

Sarah and Nick Calder

Jo!! I am absolutely blown away!! You have done an incredible job and captured absolutely everything!!!!!!!! Can't thank you enough

Rochelle and Kane Wilcox

Johanna was a pleasure to deal with. She is friendly and makes you feel at ease the minute she arrives. We had met on Skype only but I just loved her photo’s on the website.  She has a great sense of humour and the groomsmen definitely gave her a run for her money but she took it all in her stride and felt like one of the family. The photo’s are just gorgeous. The style she has just makes everyone look amazing - that’s when you know you have a talented photographer.  The softness in the photo’s and the angles are gorgeous. She sent me a few photo’s literally the next day which was fab so I could show everyone. I would not hesitate to recommend Johanna to anyone wanting a great photographer.

Gemma and Daniel Quirk

Hi Johanna!

I cannot tell you how excited we were to receive your parcel on Thursday evening (I may have even squealed a little!) The photos are absolutely beautiful and we are just so pleased with them!! You perfectly captured the fun and relaxed nature of the day and were really great at making everyone comfortable, it really shows in the photos.

Super super super stoked :-)

Thank you so much.


Lucy and Ben Lockett

Ohhh MY GOD the photos are AMAZING! Thank you so much - they arrived just as I was leaving for work this morning and Ben didn't get home until an hour ago so I had to exert some SERIOUS will power not to look at them until just now. You captured the day so well and was so wonderful to see things that we hadn't seen on the day. You are such an amazing talented photographer and we are so grateful for everything you have done These will stay with us forever and we will no doubt look over these again and again and again! Love the ones of the puppies too - we can never capture them well so thank you! Also thank you for being so quick with getting these back to us.

Natasha and Logan Coleman

Hi Johanna,

Thank you soo much for our gorgeous box of photos. They are so stunning! I can't stop flicking through them all, they are all so unique and beautiful.

Thanks so much for all the time you put into photographing our wedding. The shots are so stunning and you were just amazing to have there with us on the day.

Tabea and Simon Hughes -

This lovely wedding photographer from Christchurch was a real gem at our wedding. She documented the whole event so beautifully and captured such amazing emotional moments that we completely forgotten about and now can look back at them whenever we want. When we received the photos she edited them beautifully to create the exact right mood we were after but kept them simple and let the photo speak for itself by her great compositions.

We highly recommend her as she portrayed us and our garden wedding exactly as who we are!

Anna and Markus Hoetjes

Jo we loved the photos!! You have captured the day and us so beautifully and perfectly, thank you.

Amber Connolly

We absolutely adore the pics. They’re beautiful and natural, not over styled.

Paula and Karl Strode-Penny

I love them. You did a wonderful job, and I’m very grateful to you and Ian for both coming along and going with the flow and taking great pictures!

Kylie and Ivor Richards -

As well as her natural ability to capture beautiful moments in time, Jo’s joyful, sprightly and go-with-the-flow personality made her the perfect choice to photograph our wedding at Nelson’s historic Fairfield House.

Our wedding was just days after the Christchurch Earthquake of 22 February 2011. Based in Christchurch, we did not expect Jo to be able to make it to our wedding as planned, and contacted her to let her know that we would understand if she had to cancel. Incredibly, Jo, seemingly unruffled by the turn of events confirmed that she would be delighted to travel to Nelson to photograph our wedding despite the destruction of the Christchurch Earthquake.

Our guests commented on Jo’s lovely nature and ability to adapt to last minute changes of plans throughout the day.

We were very happy with our photos and were particularly impressed that in looking through the photos Jo was seemingly everywhere at once and yet had a way of being unseen meaning she was able to capture genuine emotion and beautiful natural moments throughout the day.

We could not recommend a better photographer than Jo. She is fantastic!

June and Liam  -

Jo was lovely and captured our wedding perfectly. She is particularly talented at working with light in her photographs, which we love! The pictures are soft, fairy tales like and just simply beautiful. The engagement shoot she offered was great as it gave us all a chance to get to know each other's rhythm and get familiar before the big day. On the day, she was professional, discreet, and she blends in with the crowd, so for those who are not used to having their photos taken, you won't feel self conscious at all. Thanks Jo for capturing and preserving the memory of our big day. We were very happy working with Jo and would highly recommend her.