Family Portrait Sessions


Natural, candid, spontaneous Family Photography


These can be held in your home or at another location you love.  The photographs will reflect how life in your family is  :).

We often associate photography with capturing life’s biggest moments: engagements, weddings, birthdays and other “big” celebrations or events. These are momentous occasions in our lives and they deserve to be remembered in a special way for sure, but what about celebrating life’s everyday moments?

These are the moments we may not realise are precious until they’re gone; like your kids casually eating breakfast at the kitchen table, building couch forts to watch a movie on a rainy day or summer sprinkler fun, backyard cricket or walking the dog.


I love to witness these real-life memories and give you a capsule of your family at a specific point in time, a slice of memory to cherish as life inevitably evolves. Things will be completely different when your kids are 8 and 5 versus 13 and 10, high school students or visiting home from university. All of these different stages are noteworthy and exciting.


It’s certainly not limited to families with children either, I love documenting relationships of all types: brothers and sisters, aunts and nieces, couples, fur families or your closest friends. Family is different for everyone and I want to help tell the extraordinary story of YOURS. It can be you and your loved ones baking a favourite treat, gardening or walking the dog. Maybe eating at your go-to cafe or sharing some laughs over a glass of wine or a backyard barbie.


It’s these spontaneous, day-to-day moments that I feel best tell your unique family story.  Capturing these times of love, laughter and togetherness are why I love what I do. I cherish the opportunity to make connections with families and document beautifully candid moments. Let’s preserve the perfectly imperfect magic of your life! Reach out and we can chat. I look forward to creating with you!


Session Fee: 



From $400.00


Print and album options available. Please get in touch for my full pricing list.